Local legend states that a mortician, the widowed Dr. Louis Cypher, became obsessed with bringing his deceased wife back to life after her sudden death. A strange wedding gift given to them, a doll house, held the power of reanimation. A process that requires fresh bodies.

Now you and your friends have broken into his long abandoned funeral parlor to investigate signs of apparent haunting. Once inside, you realize the legend is true. Will you become the doctor's next victim? Or will you escape!

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Every hundred years, the Headless Horseman awakens from his eternal slumber to roam the countryside in search of his missing head. As a descendant of Ichabod Crane, it is now your blood rite to relocate the Horseman's skull to ensure he may never rest in peace. Can you and your group secure a new resting place for his skull? Or will you fall victim to his blade?

Death Row is a one hour experience. Death Row houses the most horrific criminals, including Prisoner X, the only inmate to vanish without a trace. Now you and your fellow inmates have the same goal. Can you execute your plan to rewire the electric chair and escape? There is only one problem... one of you must sacrifice yourself in the electric chair to pull this escape off.

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